Take a good look…this is the edge.

High performance begins on the edge. The window frame and edge of glass are critical to creating a high performance window system and is fundamental to its overall performance. Regardless of what is done with the number of panes, coatings and gases, if the frame and edge of glass are not well-insulated, heat and cold will find a way through. Find us on MasterSpec and BSD Speclink.

Insulating Profiles for Windows, Doors & Facades

We innovate, develop and manufacture insulation solutions and special components in conjunction with the industry’s most respected manufacturers and fabricators.

> We’re a world leader in the field of high-precision polyamide based insulation profiles for:

Aluminum windows

In addition to true custom solutions, we offer over 700 standard profiles for cost-effective, turn-key components that meet the highest standards and the tightest of timelines.

We offer a major material variety to find the best-tailored solutions for every project based on your performance goals of mechanical values, global warming potential or the best thermal performance.

> Standard Polyamide
> Biobased Polyamide
> Low-Lambda Polyamide
> Recycled Polyamide

Whether you are an architect, designer, aluminum extruder or fenestration fabricator, you can count on Technoform to provide the support and innovation you need to improve the quality and performance of your facades and fenestration systems. Our comprehensive global network of industry specialists can help create new systems that meet even the most demanding design and performance objectives

> We offer:

Product Concept and Design Assistance
Thermal Simulation
Testing Support
Rapid Prototyping of Custom Profiles
Production Layout & Equipment Specification
Assistance with Equipment Setup & Assembly Training
Quality Control Audits and Assistance

Thermal Isolator Cladding Clip

A result of the collaborative efforts of architects, material engineers and cladding professionals, the Technoform clip speeds installation, reduces thermal bridging and provides a lifetime of improved thermal performance.

> Watch speed test installation video

> Built for speed, engineered for enhanced thermal performance

> Unique screw-holding fingers and visual guides help keep long screws straight and improves alignment…ensures reduced installation time

> Structural-grade engineered composite reduces thermal bridging 533 X better than aluminum.

> Structural aluminum shell ensures high structural performance, even in the event of a fire.

> A unique center cavity allows for additional insulation for increased thermal efficiency.

Hybrid Plastic Spacers for Insulating Glass

Incorporating our hybrid plastic spacer between the glass panes improves the thermal performance without sacrificing durability or design performance of the unit.

> Thermal performance

Improved Indoor Comfort—manages the temperature of the indoor surface of glass. Can prevent drafts and radiated heat along the cold glass surface.

Condensation Resistance—reduces the heat transfer at the edge of glass, which can reduce the risk of condensation on the interior surface of the glass.

> Design Freedom

Can be used in bent or flat glass, and has a smooth matte finish and available in a variety of colors to blend with the glass or frame. And because it can increase the thermal comfort of the building, it can allow the use of more glass in the building design.

> Durability

Meets or exceeds the toughest industry standards for long-term unit durability, UV resistance, gas retention, fogging, volatiles and moisture penetration.

> Structure

Delivers a compressive strength to withstand demanding glazing pressure requirements and facilitate handling

> Made in the USA

Domestically made product, but with a global reach.